At Synthesis, we start with a powerful, original, trademark-able concept. Our brands remain in the consciousness because they have an idea, intelligence, emotion, a philosophy and promise behind them. Most companies come to Synthesis to design and launch new brands, and the collaborative exploratory process for developing these new conceptual approaches is the core of Synthesis. Companies with existing brands in need of expansion receive the same level of creativity and ingenuity. Synthesis begins by assessing a brand’s maturity, as well as all future development and growth opportunities. We then define a positioning strategy, create and design the brand experience, launch, expand, evaluate and evolve. Whether through traditional, electronic or interactive media, Synthesis brands are designed to demonstrate innovation, break through the global clutter, deliver new markets, grow customer bases, build profits, influence, and excite.


Synthesis designs new consumer products, services, media, communications tools, user interfaces, online experiences, media interactions, software, hardware, IP and closely related traditional, viral, virtual and spatial marketing experiences. In addition to the creation of new products, we work closely with organizations to expand the breadth and depth of existing product lines. All new products and product line extensions designed at Synthesis are intended to increase a company’s competitive edge, deepen customer loyalty, attract new customers, build new profit centers and boost product value perception. We are often asked to build top-of-market intellectual property products around existing products, to add value and relevance to a given product mix. Each new product innovation stays entrenched in and clearly reflects the idea, philosophy and promise behind the brand, further strengthening the emotional and rational tie between a client’s products and its customers.


We assist organizations committed to innovation via design. Having collaborated with many companies on some of the most visible, creative and financially successful consumer brand and product launches of the last two decades, Synthesis intermeshes the disciplines of branding and product design to help clients grow existing and new business opportunities.

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