While babies are named, good brands are built. From the ground up, with a goal in mind. So that when you see the logo, hold the letterhead or hear the theme, something clicks. More than any word that describes a product or company, a brand carries a reputation. It can inspire confidence. Evoke loyalty. Or tear down the walls of unfamiliarity. If, of course, the brand is built that way.

In the new marketplace, first impressions count more than ever. Synthesis creates brand identity programs for companies and products, brands that remain in the consciousness. Brands that have an idea behind them, not just a passing notion. The idea finds expression in print, audio/video, electronic, interactive media, and never wavers from its purpose. When an idea is right it works for you on its own in ways too mysterious to explain. But soon everyone knows who you are, and what you stand for, and wants to be part of your mission.

The sum of the impressions people get about you comprises your image. In the life of a corporation this impression can come from some unexpected quarters. Whether or not your corporation survives the unexpected depends to a great degree on the image you have built. Of the traits that make up your image, we’ve found that attitude has become more and more important. Because what people really want to know is where you stand. A well-defined attitude can make a difference when the unexpected happens. Synthesis makes sure you’re ready.

Making a name
for yourself